Other Services

We Also Provide The Following Services

Laser Alignment:

Using modern, computerized, portable alignment equipment, we have the ability to align fans, pumps, gear reducers, and other equipment.

In House Balancing:

Our two balancers are modern computerized balancers, allowing us to do jobs from 1 to 5,000 pounds. We have the ability to balance impellers, fans, rotors, armatures, and other rotating equipment.

Motor Redesign:

We have the experience, knowledge, ability, and track record to redesign existing motors to other horsepowers, speeds, voltages, or any combinations of these. We can also make modifications to the shafts, add parts such as encoders, change the bearing configurations, modify the enclosures, turn standard motors into inverted rated motors. Our experience runs from fractional to 3,000 HP.

Other Repairs:

We also have the experience and knowledge to repair: pumps of all types, gear reducers, hoists, and generators from water wheel, water turbine, diesel, gas, and electric driven. We service all sizes and brands.